Artist’s Teaching Statement

In my teaching practice, I strive to convey to my students, the necessary link between their motivation to create a particular artwork and the visual language and medium they might choose to shape it. I work to build an active, fun yet focused learning environment that employs simple projects to develop skills of observation, rendering and communication. These studies are designed to encourage liberal risk taking and experimentation. It will be through the students exploration of materials, style, drawing, composition, scale, colour, intensity and presentation, that they will learn how these elements are not unlike like the timing and tones of voice in a speech. They will learn what is actually created and conveyed depends, not simply on the spoken word nor the orchestration of the tone, tempo or delivery of the orator, but that it lay in the final interpretation of all these elements through an audience.
My use of individual and group critiques and exercises in critical thinking are used to illustrate the merits and advantages to be gained from constructive external criticism. In both my art and my instruction I believe that alternate views and vantage points offer unique insight and that there are limitless approaches to tackle a given problem. While the subjects and styles of my own practice vary, what I endeavour to maintain and pass on to my students is an attention to detail and to encourage consideration of subject, context and perspective in the development of their own explorations.
My teaching spans both traditional and experimental modes of installation and rendering as I have navigated through numbers of topics, mediums and styles. I offer an adaptive and tailored approach to my art instruction while encouraging creative problem solving and risk taking for my students. I am a natural explorer, communicator, skilled in synthesis and analysis. I am a dependable, approachable and personable person as well as a responsive and creative instructor.
Stephen Booth