Big Ideas 2018



This years Vancouver Biennale is underway and I am working with 2 schools in Richmond.  We will be producing permanent works with the students for their schools. We will begin our site visits to start things flowing early April 2018. Stay tuned for updates.

BCIT- Student Project Initiative 2016

Stephen Booth with Biljana Zecevic-Jones worked with Engineering Students in BCIT to tap their creativity and to visually express some work and interests in their chosen filed of study.  The students learned about renowned artists and their works and approaches while they formulated ideas and tools to make a collective piece.  The students revisited the subject from a creative perspective and explored the possibilities that may arise when fresh eyes are brought to a problem.

The resulting artwork allowed for individual designs and voices to be brought forward in a collectively determined design.


Window in SW2 BCIT Burnaby Campus

Big Ideas 2017 – Vancouver Biennale



Stephen will be working with the Vancouver Biennale’s Big Ideas Program 2017 and three grades from the QayQayt in New Westminster.  We will be making site visits and examining the artwork and activities of several internationally renowned artists.  The student will explore our collective human activities and our impact on our environment.

Big Ideas 2016 – Vancouver Biennale






The 2016 Biennale ‘Big Ideas program is underway and Stephen is working with 120+ kids in Richmond’s Quinchelna school to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of it’s founding. This years program theme of Crossroads and Open Boarders is in its second year of exploration.

The following images are to illistrate design layout potentials for the use of paint and concrete pavers in the Qilchena project. There is no use of specific colours or illustration for either the paint or pavers. The design eliments and configuration are illustrative only and are not to scale.


The proposed piece could accommodate both writen and illustrative elements from the students work.

The students each create individual elements for the design to be incorporated into an illustrative composition to actively symbolize the formation of a larger community. The design was intended to be interactive in both the design development and in the works use in a play environment.

Symbols, Themes, Slogans and Mottos:

One in a million not one of a million – Unique is joy – Joy is change – Change is life – Cyclones citizens welcome in community – Respect and friendship unites us – Quilchena is a friend to everyone – Everyone is unique in their own way and together as friends we make a community – Our diversity is what connects the Quilchena cyclones – We are all connected – Quilchena is a place of creativity – Respect and family – We are all interconnected – Gathers people like a cyclone

Potential theme imagery resource:

gumballs, snowflakes, flowers,(illustrations of Individuality) community and family symbols, chains and linking motifs, inukshuks with a shared world, cyclone, circles, doors, paths


Queen Mary

In Vancouver Stephen is working with a class at Queen Mary’s to embrace ‘The Natural’ with a revisit to the Hugo França exhibit and to commune with the spirit of Andy Goldsworthy near the beach.  The students will be examine the interaction of human society with the environment and animal kingdom.


École Sperling School

A new program has begun in Burnaby at the École Sperling School.  The class is addressing the role of Art in social action and while studying issues of human and childrens rights.

The Artist

Booth at workStephen Booth is a multimedia Visual Artist exhibiting internationally for nearly twenty years and is represented across Canada. His works range from large scale permanent installations to small scale temporary works. He has used a wide variety of materials in his art including bronze, clay, concrete, metal, paper and ready-made objects. Booth’s figurative abstractions are predominantly of Bronze and solid fired clay. He was born in Edmonton Alberta, he received his Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in Sculpture and Drawing from the University of Alberta He attended the Edinburgh College of Art where he was awarded his Masters of Fine Art in Sculpture. He is currently working and residing in Vancouver on the west coast of Canada.